Software Security


There are many aspects to providing a secure software solution, and Optimal Auctions utilizes many of the common industry-accepted solutions, as well as supplementing those with some unique solutions of our own.

Optimal Auctions' software is able to provide:

  • A web-based auction software interface that does not require users to install any plugins or 3rd party software. Our competitors require bidders to install plugins to use their software, meaning the auction administrator also needs to provide technical support. If a user can buy something on, they can bid using Optimal's auction software.
  • A highly secure login screen. The login screen follows industry standard security procedures, including limited number of login attempts, one-time use passwords, short sessions, CSRF-proof forms, hashed and salted passwords, up to 256-bit SSL connections, two-factor authentication via SMS, and many other built-in security features. The software is as secure as any online bank's website.
  • Separate interface for auction administrators and bidders. The auction administrator will be able to manage the auction process (upload products, upload users, send messages, manage documents, etc) while at the same time monitoring the auction in real-time with instantly updating auction status, auction reports, and user login and bidding information.
  • A robust and highly customizable reporting system. Currently the auction software provides 22 ready-to-go reports that provide information about the auction in varying formats and with varying information. Additionally, auction administrators can choose to add new custom reports with a minimal amount of customization work required.
  • Complete audit-ready tracking of the users. Every interaction a user makes with the software is tracked and stored. An administrator is able to look at a report and see every mouse-click the user performed on the software during the course of the auction.
  • Location based security. Administrators are able to monitor which users are logging in from which location in the world, adding another layer of security.
  • Post-auction reports for administrators including final prices, winning bidders and activity reports. Post-auction reports for bidders include final prices and receipts.
  • All of these features are currently built-in to the software and available for all of our clients. As with all things security related, we are constantly improving the software and making it more secure as the tech world shifts and new threats emerge. Additionally, we are able to add new features if a client requests them.