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SMR Auction

Optimal Auctions has been running SMR Auctions (also known as Simultaneous Multiple Round Auction) for the past 13 years, having helped to sell billions of dollars worth of products. Our SMR auction software has been used in multiple spectrum auctions, including the Finland FICORA 2500 MHz auction, the Sweden PTS 3.6 GHz auction, and over a dozen other auctions.

Optimal Auctions SMR Auction Software - Cheaper, Faster, Better-Tested - Guaranteed

Our SMR auction software is incredibly configurable, allowing us to meet any rules or regulations that you may have with your auction. In fact, there are over 160 settings in our SMR software, which means no matter the complexity or requirements of your auction, you can feel assured that Optimal Auctions can deliver a software solution that will be cheaper, faster, and better-tested than any of our competitors. We guarantee it!

Our Software Makes Everything So Easy, Why Try to Create Your Own?

We would be incredibly happy to show you a demonstration of our software. We are confident that once you see how the software works, and how easily it controls every aspect of your auction, you will never go back to using an Excel spreadsheet. Our software takes care of everything you could imagine - exact timing of rounds, ensuring bids are received in time, ensuring bids adhere to eligility rules, and thousands of other things. Plus, it runs right in your browser, so anyone with a desktop, laptop, or even a smartphone can use our software. Your bidders can simply log on and bid - there's nothing to install!

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We will be happy to talk with you about your auction software needs, and will help answer any questions you might have. Whether you are running a spectrum auction, providing bidder support for a spectrum auction, are running a patent auction, or are simply selling items that are tough to value, the SMR Auction is most likely your best auction format, with Optimal Auctions providing the best and most affordable solution for you.

What is an SMR Auction?

The most commonly used multiple-round format for spectrum awards, it was pioneered by the United States FCC in the 1990s. In each round, bidders submit bids for individual products (lots) and may shift their demand across products from round-to-round. This format is ideally suited to auctions where each product is differentiated from the other products, and therefore the value for each product will be different to an individual bidder. For example, in a spectrum auction, a bidder will value a spectrum block in New York City differently than a spectrum block in Orlando. This contrasts with a Clock Auction, where each product has the same value to an individual bidder. For example, the 1810 MHz band in New York City is valued the same as the 1815 MHz band in New York City.