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Optimal Auctions provides enterprise-level auction software as well as auction design consulting services. We work closely with economic consultants, state and federal governments, and leading private corporations around the globe, creating the world's best auctions to help sell hard-to-price assets that offer a superior choice to brokered transactions.

Our software is highly customizable and can be made ready for any custom auction design in as little as a week. Our software can be used for every common auction format, including Simultaneous Multiple Round (SMR), Simultaneous Descending Clock Auction (Clock), Dutch Auctions, and Combinatorial Clock Auctions (CCA).

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Rough Diamond Auctions

Rough Diamond Auctions

The diamond industry has changed more in the past 6 years than it did the previous 100. Diamonds are no longer sold on a take-it or leave-it basis, they are now sold using auctions to find the true market price.

Optimal Auctions is at the forefront of this revolution in the diamond industry, pioneering the use of auction software and advanced auction design to help Rio Tinto Diamonds sell their rough diamonds into the market.

10% of the world's diamond supply is now priced using Optimal Auctions' auction software!

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Electricity Auction

Electricity Auctions

Around the world, electric power industries are being restructured to substitute competition for regulation as a means to continue expanding services while controlling costs. Our auction designs complement the unique characteristics of electric power markets such as product definition and risk allocation.

Governmental agencies and companies have chosen us to design, host, and administer energy power auctions. Optimal Auctions has enabled significant savings for them by creating a more competitive electricity market.

5 states have trusted their electricity auctions to Optimal Auctions Software!

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Telecommunications Spectrum Auction

Spectrum Auctions

The increase in the number of wireless subscribers and the introduction of high-bandwidth applications have increased the demand for radio spectrum. Governments around the globe have realized the tremendous opportunity, and the unique challenges of selling this tough-to-price asset.

Optimal Auctions has become the world leader in implementing spectrum auction software. We've completed spectrum auctions in over a dozen countries, and on 4 continents.

Countries like Sweden, Belgium and Denmark have chosen Optimal Auctions for spectrum auctions!

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Solar Auction

Solar REC Auctions

The recent growing interest in earth-friendly energy has also driven a secondary market used to promote the use of these energy sources beyond what the normal market would otherwise support. Part of these secondary markets are the transfer of Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC), which companies can use to offset the cost of consuming carbon-releasing energy sources.

As this burgeoning market begins to take shape, the uncertainties far outweigh the certainties, and thus produce a market where those who buy and sell the credits can not rely on a traditional broker model to act as the middleman.

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Gemstone Auction

Gemstone Auctions

The demand for precious gems is growing quickly, with the sales of diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, aquamarine, tanzanite, tsavorite, and turquoise increasing annually. As sales increase, it becomes tougher and tougher to find an accurate market value for both rough and polished gem stones.

The solution to this pricing problem is auction software. Our auction software can determine the market price for these gemstones, from which you can price longer-term contracts with preferred sightholders.

Optimal Auctions is revolutionizing the precious gemstone market!

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Commodity Auction

Commodity Auctions

The market has well established prices for commodities like gold and silver, but how do you properly price commodities that don't trade very often, commodities like molybdenum, yttrium, lanthanum, europium, and erbium.

Creating a proper commodity auction provides the seller a well-defined demand curve, price feedback to the buyers, and a result that determines the market price of the commodity.

Don't rely on brokers, and don't pay their spreads, rely on auction software!

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About Optimal Auctions

Since 1998, Optimal Auctions has provided enterprise-level high-stakes auctions to national governments, state agencies, and private corportions, helping them price and sell hard-to-value assets. We provide our clients a complete end-to-end auction solution: academic experts in auction design and auction theory as consultants to ensure the best designed auctions, software developers, who are industry recognized for their excellence in user interface design and security, and finally a software product that is recognized around the world as the best auction software available today. Optimal Auctions is the best auction software for the most important auctions in the world.

The Optimal Auctions team has a successful track record supporting over $155 billion of mission critical expert auctions. Our auction team has unmatched experience designing expert auctions. We collaborate with industry-specific experts in many functional areas including finance, valuation, competition analysis, public policy, market analyses, regulation, and business goal assessment. We provide our clients with knowledgeable and client-specific solutions. Every one of our clients receives an auction design that is best suited to solve their unique selling situation.

Our team has dozens of years of experience working with government entities and private corporations. Every team member has spent time in a Fortune 50 company in the past, including IBM and Citi, and all of them have attended the finest colleges in the United States. Our team members hold advanced degrees and PhD's in auction theory and finance. Our CEO has led several highly successful companies, and has served as the CEO of Optimal Auctions for 19 years. The core of the Optimal Auctions team have all been together for 11 years. What you get with Optimal Auctions is a stable and well-established team, collectively bringing together dozens of years of industry-specific auction experience.

Optimal Auctions' software has been used to run dozens of auctions around the globe, helping companies sell their assets and establish a market price. Our software is unrivaled in the industry, and stands out for its best-in-class user interface design, its performance in large auctions, and most importantly, its security and auditability. The software has been used to run all the most common auction formats, including Simultaneous Multiple Round (SMR), Descending Price Clock Auctions, Single-Round Sealed Bid, Dutch Auctions, Two-Way Dutch Auctions, and most recently, Combinatorial Clock Auctions.

Optimal Auctions delivers to our clients the complete auction solution - we help you design the best auction to sell your products, we customize our software to meet those auction rules exactly, and we take charge of hosting the entire auction on our technology infrastructure. We have every aspect of running an auction covered - economics, auction theory, software development, and server hardware.

When you hire Optimal Auctions to run your auctions, you can be assured that we will handle everything - all you have to do is let us deliver the results.

Why Choose Optimal Auctions?

Optimal Auctions is the world leader in providing enterprise level auction software and expert auction design consulting. We combine the best and brightest software developers we can find with leading experts in auction theory from the top universities around the world. Our strength is our complete auction solution. Many of our competitors are merely consulting companies, with a poor software product that's an afterthought to their business. When you choose Optimal Auctions, you are choosing first and foremost a software company with the best product in the industry.

When you choose an auction software provider, you really are looking for two things: simplicity and consistency. Simplicity being the ability for a bidder to use the software and place bids with a minimal learning curve. Simplicity also being the ability for the auction administrators to run the auction from start to finish with minimal interaction. While our competitors' software was put together piece-by-piece by non-technical economists, Optimal Auctions' software has been designed by user interface experts, recognized experts in their field, and we've gone to great lengths to make our software as user friendly as possible. We like to boast "if you can buy something on Amazon, you can use our software".

Simplicity also deals with auction designs. When you work with our team of economists and software experts, we design the best auction for you and your bidders, with the easiest solution often the best solution. We understand that we are here for you. Often times, we hear comments about the confusing and difficult auctions designed by our competitors, and have to question: are they designing the auction that is best for you, or are they designing the auction that is best for their next research paper?

Consistency is the other critical aspect to any auction software. You want to know that your auction will run successfully 100.00% of the time. There's no room for errors of any type in mission critical auctions. This is the reason you absolutely must choose an established auction software provider. There's peace of mind knowing that you are running the exact same software that has already run dozens of auctions successfully. You know that you are getting the same software that just ran a $100,000,000 spectrum auction last week without any issues. Can you say that about a small start-up? Do you want to be a start-up's first high-stakes auction, when everything is on the line for you?

Optimal Auctions software is without a doubt the best auction software available today. We don't make that claim without the ability to back it up with numbers. Our software is designed to be highly scalable and to meet the demands of any auction. The software is able to handle auctions with thousands of products, and tens of thousands of bidders. We've seen our competitors' software and know they can't come anywhere close to what we can give you.

Optimal Auctions is absolutely the best auction software provider in the world!

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