Software Architecture

Optimal Auctions Software's XML Integration Interface can interoperate with any standards-compliant enterprise procurement application, supply chain application, or e-commerce system. Optimal Auctions software supports real-time bi-directional integration of diverse commodity templates through an XML Mapping Layer.

Optimal Auctions software supports auction-related business requests including;

  • The addition of products including quantities and starting prices
  • The addition of suppliers including bidder names, logon ids, qualification restrictions, and contact information
  • Opening and closing an auction
  • Retrieving auction prices and quantities

We map applicable XML-based output to our internal definitions and configure Optimal Auctions software to accept the incoming requests. The process works in reverse to send you the results of the auction.

Strategic sourcing suites benefit from the ability to offer an expert auction module.

Optimal Auctions Software Integration

Our client interface is a highly responsive, user friendly, and secure web application which runs in any standard browser.

The web server manages client requests, provides HTTPS/SSL encryption, and interoperates with the Optimal Auctions Software application server, which manages the many aspects of the auction event. Our server is highly configurable and extensible. It implements intelligent caching to maximize performance and flexibility.

The Optimal Auctions Software application server interacts with an open standards database server for the maximum access efficiency, security, and redundancy.

The tiers of our application are deployed on multiple servers optimized for transaction processing and database access as appropriate to each client's requirements.

Network Architecture

The figure below illustrates all of the critical components of the Optimal Auctions network. The network has been designed so that any single failure can be recovered from in a short period of time. There are detailed protocols in place for identifying potential or actual failures and these protocols include the steps necessary to minimize or prevent the application downtime.

Optimal Auctions can implement changes to the network to accommodate a significant increase in the number of users or to accommodate multiple simultaneous events.

Optimal Auctions Software Network